Dennis(just Dennis)



Through circumstances beyond his control, Dennis was brought up amongst (what he would call) a religious cult. Cast into the wilderness for his sins at the age of 10, he began his own journey through life. Struggling to comprehend the wisdom of the ways, Dennis took on many projects. In his mid 20's he fell into the profession known as the 'Tunnel Tigers', where he met his mentor and best friend in life, upon whose death he fulfilled a prophecy of performing poetry on stage.

He first performed in 2000 and by 2001 he was a regular on the poetry and comedy circuit, writing his first book 'Wake up and smell the coffee'.
This has since lead to Dennis filling his last 14 years with numerous performance, residencies, broadcasts and projects on all takes of life. He is a chameleon of poetry who turns colours into words; satirical, political and passionate with an extreme emotion reflecting his love for football (England's football poet 2006).
Bard of Brixton 2003 to 1st ever English speaking winner of Berlin Mano poetry slam. 2009.
He performs at many festivals and has become a regular at the Glastonbury Poetry and Word Stage (Wrote official Glastonbury review as chosen by Michael Horovitch for poetry and word) and Ireland's Electric Picnic Word Stage, as well as runner up all Ireland slam 2008 and runner up Manchester literature Slam 2008.


Dennis has taken to the stage with numerous bands and artists such as Alabama 3, Frazer Dury and the Blockheads, Rumour, Phil Jupitus and Crow Black Chicken and appeared on many local/ BBC radio stations.

Odd random quotes:
"Can we have him on again?" - Terry Venables, Virgin radio
"Spokesperson for the common man" - Larry Love, Alabama 3
Mentioned by John Cooper Clarke on Jo Brand show as best football poet he had ever heard

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